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At our installation banquet Becky and her board were installed to carry on the programs we have built and also discover and support new needs in our community. Becky has an experience team to support her. Becky's team includes Jim Gasperlin, Denny Smith, President Becky, Nicola Blake-Bradley, Caroline Linz, Wanita Parker, Don Berger, and Tom Seamans.

Congratulations to all.

Congratulati0ns to Becky Reynolds
Our St Cloud Morning Optimist President for 2022-2023

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Youth Appreciation Week

On September 21, St Cloud Morning Optimist Club recognized nine youth in our community with a Youth Appreciation trophy for all the volunteer work they do for organizations in our area. 

The winners were Aunna Jackson (sponsored by Boys and Girls Club)not present for photo,   Hope Schuler (Cathedral), Evan DeWenter (Boys and Girls Club), Ben Noble (Boy Scouts) not present for photo  Katherine Mersinger (Girl Scouts) Fazio Salah

(Boys an Girls Club) Favour Gerald-Ugwu (Centra Care Jr Volunteers) Abigail Diaz(sponsored by Big Brother and Big Sisters, Katrina Hedburg sponsored by Higher Works), 

Achievement in Education

The St Cloud Morning Optimists presented Achievement in Education Awards on August 3 to six community member who work with children in many aspects of education, whether in the classroom, the athletic fields or discussion on how to be a better student. 

Emmett Keenan has worked with students at Cathedral HS as Athletics and Activities Director since  1998. Emmett has also contributed to numerous activities in the community in which he was recognized with many rewards.

Bob Karn is a Language Arts teacher and coach at Cathedral HS starting in 1969 and still on staff.  He was elected to five Minnesota Hall of Fame awards.

Courtney Loso and Traci Haugen teach at Kennedy. These two women tirelessly plan activity days monthly and to celebrate our students for their hard work.

James Turner  James biggest strength is connecting with others and building relationships. He works tirelessly making home visits ensure a student's safety and well being and connecting with parents and guardians to build trust. He attends student athletic events, co-curricular activities, graduations and  performances

Carl Jensen  Carl's experience and wealth of skills contribute to the up keep and ongoing maintenance of our building and grounds.  Carl is an understanding, kind hearted leader who goes above and beyond. Carl is a tremendous asset to the Apollo Community

                                                                    Friend of Youth Awards

The St Cloud Morning Club presented Friend of Youth Awards on July 13 to individuals and businesses in our community who have made outstanding contributions to youth in our area.

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1) Leighton Broadcasting was nominated by Boys and Girls Club. Amy Minerrath presented the award to Robyn Bright.

2) Jayne Benish  was nominated by Promise Neighborhood. Lucina Hudson presented the award.

3) Jenna Kingsley was nominated by the YMCA. Nick  presented the award.

4) Patty Funk was nominated by Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Jackie Johnson presented the award.

5 Mike Hofmann was nominated by Central MN Council of Boy Scouts.  Wade Bastian presented the award.

6) Sheri Gohmann was nominated by Central MN Council of Boy Scouts. Melissa Stritchers presented the awards.

Four individuals who were not present for the awards.

7) Hannah Fussy was nominated by Promise Neighyborhood

8) Dale Wahnschaffe was nominated by the Optimist Club.
9-10) Jason and Tracy Stock were nominated by the Optimist Club.  Jason is a teacher at Sauk Rapids HS and Tracy is an Education Specialist in District 742.
Melissa Stritchers and Wade Bastian will present  these awards at a later time.

    The St Cloud Morning Optimist Club presented nine scholarships to seniors in our area schools. Congratulations to the students that received these $1000 scholarships.
                                       T ech High School - Jay Gustin 
                                       Apollo High School -Taylor Wald
                                       Apollo High School - Taya Stroot Duea
                                        Sauk Rapids Rice - Bruce Paulson
                                        Foley High School - Kristi Brenny
                                        Albany High School - Marissa Gourde
                                        Cold Spring - 2 Scholarships Sara Humbert and Zachary Harris
                                        Cathedral High School  - Olivia Tadych
                                        Christian School - 

Park Donation.JPG
Thank you to the St. Cloud Morning Optimist Club for donating $15,316.90 to District 742 for the Optimist Park expenses! Funds will be used for picnic tables, benches, trash cans, and more! After the park is upgraded, come to see the improvements we have made. This park is a city park, school park, and Boys and Girls Club playground.
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